The Firm

The Firm

The Fortuna Digital Assets Fund is India’s first Crypto, Blockchain and Digital Assets Fund. It is founded by Allwin Agnel Elango (Wharton 2008) – Allwin is a technologist who is a well known pioneer in the technology space in India since 2002. He has founded and led multiple successful ventures over the last 2 decades.

Fortuna endeavours to help build generational wealth for its clients by identifying and executing on paradigm changing opportunities for life changing returns.

The Firm

Founder & Fund Manager

Strong Privacy and Security Measures

Early Investor (2017 – 2021) in Polkadot Crypto Asset with an IRR of 170%

OTC Deal

Early Investor (2017 – 2021) in VeChain Crypto Asset with an IRR of 94.95%

Cutting Edge Research and understanding of the crypto space

02 – Masters Degrees

02 – Tech Ventures Built since 2001 with millions of users and clients over 40 countries

Ventures featured in CNBC’s Book – Booming Brands (Top 11 in the Country)

Featured in ET, TOI, Livemint and publications of repute Featured as a Young Turk by CNBC in 2005

Fortuna Edge

Technologist & Researcher

Ford Fellowship Winner at Wharton for his thesis and Research on Emerging Technologies

Pioneer and trend spotter. Founded a successful social network for students before Web 2.0 became a buzzword Founded India’s most well known social network for students – PaGaLGuY

Founded India’s first Video Q&A Solution – Oheyo

US Patent Holder – for “System and method for dynamically managing communication groups” – Patent no: US 10, 687,180 B2

Excels at identifying globally relevant trends and has the technical ability and vision to navigate and pick winners in the evolving digital asset landscape

Our Mission

To build generational wealth for our clients, by identifying and investing in the best digital assets in the world.

Our Ethos

Integrity, Character, World Class Insights & Execution

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