Top 8 Areas To Choose For Diversifying Crypto Investments

Top 8 Areas To Choose For Diversifying Crypto Investments

June 14, 2022 Digital

An accomplished digital asset fund manager can tell you the best areas of investment for crypto mutual funds. One such advisor is available at Fortuna Capital that has launched the first crypto fund in India. It is quite likely that with increase in number of players in crypto assets market, you may find people discussing about the Crypto Index Fund India sooner. 

Take a look at these top investment areas that have the potential to be the part of the first Crypto Index Fund India:

  1. De-Fi: De-Fi stands for Decentralized Finance. The financial institutions owing to better security and protection from frauds, are favoring the advent of De-Fi products.
  2. Platforms: Several Cryptocurrency platforms have started and are performing excellently. These may help you grow your money with amazing earning opportunities.
  3. Cross Chain Bridges: These are enablers of exchange of information, NFTs and token among the blockchains. The purpose is to make these assets more meaningful by putting them in conjunction or in connection with each other instead of leaving them siloed in individual blockchains.
  4. Yield Managing: Platforms are identified as promising Crypto yield products. The best yield farming crypto platforms are DeFi swap, e-Toro, Aqru, etc.
  5. DAOs: The decentralized autonomous organizations or DAOs are the organizations formed by developers to facilitate automated cryptocurrency transactions. These are being made more robust after few initial glitches faced.
  6. Layer 1s: Layer 1 is the basic blockchain infrastructure. Cryptocoins that are vanilla Layer1 products are Litecoin, Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  7. Layer 2s: Layer 2 are formed by integration of third party products into Layer 1 to populate the nodes and bring more robustness in the blockchain. Layer 2 cryptoassets are loved because of the stability and impregnability. It is quite hack-proof and functionality-enriched. Bitcoin Lightning Network is the example of Layer2.

All these areas have shown promising increase in value with time. The digital asset fund manager can suggest you the investment baskets that they develop after decoding the algorithms and studying the performance patterns. Join the first crypto fund of India at Fortuna where these avenues are available for diversification.

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