What Is the Best Long-Term Crypto Investment Strategy?

What Is the Best Long-Term Crypto Investment Strategy?

May 24, 2022 Digital

The safest cryptocurrency investments are those that bet on the long term. This article explains how to maintain savings in digital assets based on a long-term investment strategy. We also discuss the best long-term investment strategies and how to identify the best cryptocurrency to invest in.

How to Save Money with Cryptocurrencies?

Saving in crypto is similar to what you do with traditional money: Indian rupees, euros, dollars or British pounds. Cryptocurrency trading makes buying, selling, storing/saving, exchanging and transferring digital currencies as easy as a click. 

To start doing so, you need to open crypto savings account on a secure and reliable exchange platform in India. Then buy the cryptocurrency you choose to deposit into your crypto savings account. 

Saving in cryptocurrencies is the easiest way to raise the rate of return on your money in the medium and long term. But first, you must map out a proven efficient cryptocurrency investment strategy. If you are getting into cryptocurrency trading, it is vital to do it with a professional. 

The investment strategy is essential in increasing the chances of getting a better return on your crypto investments. It is critical to know that Crypto Currencies do not have sovereign backing and, therefore, can also turn worthless. Remember that these investments are not protected by law. Consequently, it is wise to understand the pros and cons of these venture investments before you start investing in digital assets. 

Crypto exchanges offer cryptocurrency savings alternatives from Bitcoin and well-known newer Altcoins. The saver obtains a rate of return for their investments, depending on the cryptocurrency they choose to save.

How to Identify the Best Cryptocurrency?

The investor must learn to identify which cryptocurrency has the best potential for investment. Most of the money a fund generates is via its best long-term crypto investment holdings. They must be time-tested cryptos that have withstood depreciation and the volatility that the market generates.

Several cryptocurrencies have proven their strength over time. They are mature or consolidated projects that have significant financial backing behind them. Some of these cryptocurrencies have not stopped appreciating over time despite the vagaries of high volatility. But such projects are few, and the time scale of the investment matters. 

You have to know how to identify the advantages and disadvantages of cryptocurrencies with each other to weigh a good investment. As part of the long-term cryptocurrency investment strategy, you should analyze several factors or elements when choosing the proper crypto for your investment. Over the last few years, some of the best long-term crypto investments have been into the infrastructure layer of the crypto space. Layer0, Layer1s and Layer2s like BTC/ETH/SOL/AVAX/POLYGON have generated massive returns.


Average investors in India do not have much money to spend on these investments. However, some of the most expensive ones are also the safest as an investment, esp BTC or Ethereum. Price on its own, however, is not an indicator of the coin’s potential. Some of the best long-term crypto investments could be BTC/ETH, which are already at high prices. For example, ones like Polygon/Matic are at much lower prices.

Trading volume

The cryptocurrencies with a growing volume of transactions have the best market prospects in the future. Volume is a valuable indicator to verify the interest of a digital asset at that moment and make future projections.

Growth and adoption

Crypto adoption potential and its performance since launch is another important indicator to keep in mind in long-term cryptocurrency investment strategy. Adoption is associated with the credibility generated by the digital asset due to its consistency and underlying technology.


It is critical to choose crypto because almost all digital currencies have a maximum supply. Upon reaching the emission limit, usually through mining work, it is assumed that there will be no more production of new tokens. Some cryptos have a built-in mechanism to burn or remove their cryptos from circulation. This action of burning a coin/token decreases the available supply and acts as tends to push up the price.

Other essential factors to consider to identify the best cryptocurrency are:

Community: Monitoring the cryptocurrency through its community shows the genuine interest of its followers in the asset. In the forums, there is much information and critical opinions about the solidity of the project. They are also a source of permanent consultation to know in which direction it is going. Some of the best long-term crypto investments tend to have a strong community aspect for the development of the protocol as well as its users.

Fundamental analysis: It is related to the technical bases of the investment. It is the analysis carried out by traders in the stock market to study an asset. It is used to calculate the behaviour and the theoretical price of the asset in the market.

The project team:  Who is behind the cryptocurrency is a must to foresee its course—the team’s experience, philosophy, goals, ambitions, etc. The reputation of the project largely depends on this. Some of the best long-term crypto investments are made on the backs of legendary teams. For example, Polkadot (DOT) was a project by Dr Gavin Wood, also the co-founder of Ethereum. Early ICO investors made around 150x of their investment

Technology. It is a crucial factor that contributes to the success of a cryptocurrency project and leads to an effective cryptocurrency investment strategy. The technology behind crypto represents one of cryptocurrency’s most important advantages (or disadvantages) over its competitors.

White book. A white paper usually accompanies the launch of a new digital currency. There, the purpose of the cryptocurrency, technology, operation and general vision of the project are described. To successfully evaluate a cryptocurrency, it is imperative to read and analyze its white paper.

Until now, the best long-term cryptocurrency investment strategies are based on cryptos such as Bitcoin (BTC), which has proven to be a very profitable investment throughout its history. Similarly, Ethereum (ETH) is due to its versatile blockchain and the professional team behind the project. Along with other successful cryptos in long-term investment plans such as Chainlink (LINK), Polkadot (DOT), Uniswap (UNI), Solana (SOL) and Binance Coin (BNB), to name a few.

The Importance of Diversifying Your Portfolio

The key to maintaining a healthy and profitable investment portfolio is diversification. That raises the odds of profit if you’ve kept your portfolio balanced throughout the investment period. One of your goals should be to build a long-term crypto portfolio that outperforms other asset classes. By being conscious of your choice, you can invest in high quality crypto assets that can stand the test of time and appreciate to give you very good returns

Digital currencies are an excellent option to diversify the portfolio and capture sudden movements in the crypto market. But they are also for long-term gains by letting crypto with historical returns continue its growth cycle.

Of course, cryptocurrency is a more risky investment asset class than any other market asset class. Just as there is the possibility of losing the money invested, it is also possible to obtain high returns in a given period.

Diversifying the investment portfolio is as important as choosing a cryptocurrency that offers security and certainty for our investment. The long-term cryptocurrency investment strategy has the advantage that it is a safer investment, less expensive and easier to plan.

The Importance of Having a Long-Term Plan

Having a long-term plan is a recommended cryptocurrency investment strategy. The investor expects an increase in the digital asset’s price for a reasonable period. This period usually ranges from six months to a year. But it could also be for several years, according to the strategy outlined by the investor. At the end of the period established for that investment, the investor sells the assets and strategically withdraws the earnings on the investment. You can then wait for the price of that or another cryptocurrency to drop again to buy low and roll over your investment, hoping the price will rise again.

The long-term investment plan can be developed in parts or successively. As long as they have their money invested, long-term investors can earn interest on the digital currencies they hold in their investment portfolio.

Some platforms offer high returns (12% and more) to the saver for accumulating cryptocurrencies and keeping them for a particular time in the contract.

The benefits of holding a long-term crypto portfolio can be summarized as follows:

  • High returns: If you look at the performance of some of the most significant coins and even some emerging altcoins, you can see their performance year over year compared to other assets in the market.
  • Low operating costs: Long-term crypto trading reduces exchange fees and trading costs. They don’t have to invest in software to monitor their investments or worry about daily market movements. 
  • Risk reduction: Day trading in the market raises the risks. Instead, adopting a long-term cryptocurrency investment strategy reduces them. Investors always participate in the market even if they do not trade frequently.

Here are some of the most common long-term cryptocurrency investment strategies:

Buy in Initial Coin Offerings (ICO)

It is simultaneously one of cryptocurrency’s riskiest and most productive long-term investment strategies. They are very speculative bets made by professionals and more advanced crypto investors. This strategy requires a lot of experience and a remarkable ability to identify a diamond in the rough. 

Buy the Dips and Hold

It is another very successful strategy that requires extensive crypto market knowledge. Any novice investor might believe buying when crypto is down is wrong. However, that is just the time to enter the market and start trading. A good strategy for your long-term crypto portfolio might be accumulating blue chips like BTC/ETH at lower prices and holding.

When it is a solid digital currency, drops caused by events, news or speculation do not last long. Savvy crypto investors buy when the market is down (undervalued) and sell when it is up (overvalued). The strategy of “buy the dip” does not require daily monitoring of the asset, nor does it cause significant expenses to the investor.

Dollar-Cost Average (DCA)

It is one of the most used cryptocurrency investment strategies by investors as it reduces the impact of cryptocurrency volatility. It consists of progressively investing a specific amount instead of doing it all at once. DCA is one of the best strategies to employ with your long-term crypto portfolio. Just be conscious of betting on the blue chips. Altcoins tend to crash faster than the blue-chip ones during a bear run.

This strategy also allows you to maintain a fixed investment in cryptocurrencies and withdraw profits periodically according to the returns. The investor invests his money in both rising and falling markets.


Finally, it is worth insisting that you should always consider the risk in any investment strategy in cryptocurrencies. But playing for the long term, as has already been explained, has more significant benefits for the investor and lesser risk. Therefore, it is one of the best long-term crypto investment strategies.

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